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How can Ecommerce Startups Boost their Sales

Blog post   •   Feb 28, 2017 10:22 EST

Although venturing into ecommerce is a good decision from a financial standpoint, things are not that easy as they appear. Ecommerce startups face a lot of challenges when it comes to increasing sales. Apart from the startup cost, the user also has to bear the operational cost with limited financial resources. At the same time, it is important to increase revenue and jumpstart sales in order to accelerate business growth.

Following are some sales growth strategies ecommerce startups can implement in order to lend a fillip to their business:

Responsive Store

Having a responsive store will allow shoppers to do purchasing from any device. So whether your consumer is using a tablet or a smartphone of any screen size, he can conveniently navigate through your online ecommerce store. A great user experience is guaranteed, no matter what device the shopper is using. This is sure to increase traffic, resulting in more transactions and increased sales.

Focus on Clutter-free Design

Well, you might be using the best B2B ecommerce software but make sure your site designlooks professional, aesthetically pleasing in order to improve sales. Your company’s credibility goes down significantly when website design is not appropriate and shoppers have a hard time browsing through the site. However, when the browsing experience is pleasant, user-friendly and more enjoyable, it creates a very good impression, positive impact on potential customers, which often translates into better sales.

Protect your Site’s Reputation

There are millions of website on the Internet. In such a case, how can a buyer trust your B2B or B2C ecommerce solution. Ecommerce sites with SSL or EV SSL certificates gain trust and confidence of their users. These certifications imply that the website is using secure encryption technology for any data transfer. So make sure your site is SSL or EV SSL certified to make your site trustworthy, which can also contribute in increasing sales.

Prominently Display Customer Testimonials on your Site

Customer testimonials act as a social endorsement and are a proof that your business has a positive impact on other customers. It makes your prospects aware that you are well-versed in the trade. Such positive reviews about your business can also help to increase conversion rate.