How can VARS grow their Business using PunchOut Catalog

Blog post   •   Aug 23, 2017 07:31 EDT

The key to grow your VAR business is to offer a customized solution to your B2B clients. Customization has a positive impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty, which often leads to an increase in word of mouth. This helps to build positive influence in the market, which contributes to business growth. PunchOut enables you to offer a customized experience which allows you to differentiate from your competitors.

A PunchOut is a protocol that simplifies the procurement process of B2B customers. The protocol is designed to make the purchasing process even easier by automating routine steps. With PunchOut catalog, procurement is more efficient, convenient and as clear as possible. PunchOut is provided by various procurement companies including Coupa and SciQuest. Coupa PunchOut catalogis often preferred by many companies.

First thing first, despite being a remote website, the customer can easily access it from within his purchasing application. Authentication in the form of login name and password is not necessary to access the supplier’s site. A ‘PunchOut catalog’ link is provided on the procurement system’s display screen, which upon clicking allows the user to automatically login into the supplier’s site. It eliminates the need to remember username and password. This ability to access remote catalogs in a hassle-free way is one of the biggest advantages of PunchOut.

Secondly, PunchOut catalog solutionfrees the customer from the tedious task of searching the entire site to get the right products. The protocol gives access only to the catalog that has been pre-approved by the customer and supplier. Only the contract products with pre-approved pricing are visible to the customer. So if the supplier has 10 B2B customers, the supplier from a single store can design unique catalogs for every customer and using PunchOut ensure that each catalog is visible only for whom it is applicable.

On the whole, irrespective of whether you use Coupa or SciQuest PunchOut catalog, you can definitely offer customization and take your business to the next level.