How Can You Make Decent Currency In Path Of Exile Maps?

Blog post   •   Mar 26, 2018 01:34 EDT

In Path of Exile, I want to show how you can make decent currency when you are still new to the game and just getting to maps. The basic premise of this guide is to show, even if you don't have much good gear, and no IIQ you can still make currency to improve your character.

As a worst case you take 3 mins to clear each map (faster builds will get it down to 1 min). 20 maps per hour at 1.68 C per map will earn you 33.6 chaos per hour. Alc and go now you are at 57.2 chaos per hour. An 8 hour day grinding will earn you 457.6 chaos, of course, keeping an eye on poe trade currency is also a idea.

As you get more chaos you'll invest in better gear which helps you get your clear speed closer to 1 min. One you get down to 1 min clear speed (not unrealistic for a tier 1 in most builds), you will now be making 100.8 chaos an hour without alcs, and 171.6 chaos per hour with alcs.

1.68 c per tier 1 map (worst case scenario), 2.86 chaos per map (alc and go method). averaged out over 100 maps. No matter your clear speed, there is decent returns if you spam maps as fast as you can. Your first goal should be getting your clear speed down as low as possible. 1 min should be a goal although some builds will struggle with this.

How do you Alc if you are poor?

When you get to maps you should have a few alcs saved up, but if not just transmute until you can afford to exchange some of your chaos for alcs. At the very least an alc will pay for it self, but most likely it will earn you a little more profit, It's just a good investment. Though if its a choice between buying alcs and getting gear. I would invest in gear until you get a somewhat decent clear speed, even though this will probably hurt your profit margins early

How do you clear so fast while picking up every low value currency?

Actually this is a good point, I really never back track for any currency under a jeweler in value, infact it may be more efficient to ignore all currency under a jeweler or fusing in value (unless its right in your path). Also I ignore chaos recipes because I feel it slows you down too much.

The only time I think chaos recipe are good is early in a league when you want to exchange your chaos directly for exalts. This could be a very good investment strat if you are willing to sit on the exalts for a couple weeks. and they usually go from 15-30c in the first few days to 70-80c after 2-3 weeks. Hopefully the above guide will be helpful to you.