How can you shorten your Sales Cycle using Sales Quoting Software?

Blog post   •   Feb 23, 2017 06:02 EST

Expert opine that shrinking the length of sales cycle is the key to drive conversions and increase sales. If you are serious about achieving it, the first thing that you should do is dump the excel spreadsheet for quote creation. Secondly, it is time to automate the sales process by using appropriate software tools.

A Sales quotation softwarecan contribute immensely to speed up the sales cycle. Here’s how:

You don’t have to Create Quotes from Scratch

Templates or layouts are an integral part of quote that need to be created while preparing a quote. But since quoting tools come with a range of built-in templates that you can select as per your customer needs, you don’t have to begin from scratch. Just use any of these visually appealing templates to align information in the quote and purchasing order.

Moreover, these templates (layouts) are easily customizable. So whether you want to display item pricing in groups or hide certain fields in the quote, it can be done in minimum amount of time.

You don’t play the Waiting Game

Making your customers wait after you get a request for quote is one of the most common reasons behind lengthy sales cycle. In manual quoting, a significant amount of time is wasted in preparing and sending the quote to the customer. This never happens when you have access to quoting or Proposal softwareas the tool helps to drastically reduce waiting time and improve customer experience. In fact, the customer waiting time reduces to only few minutes.

Your Customers can Approve Quotes in just a few Clicks

Many a times, the customer finds the quote within his budget but when it comes to sending back the reply, he has to print the document, sign and then fax it. This process of approving quote is time-taking. With quoting tools, you can close deals faster as they come up with built-in e-signature feature. With this feature, the customer can create your electronic signature within just a few taps or clicks.