How CPQ can help to Boost Sales and Overall Business Revenue

Blog post   •   Feb 02, 2017 06:33 EST

With the arrival of Configure Price Quoting System, it is time to get rid of potentially outdated spreadsheets. The primary job of a sales reps is to interact with prospects and close deals. This activity takes a backseat when you use traditional methods of managing quotes since the sales rep spends most of his time in preparing quotes. But if you want to improve productivity of your sales reps, it is time to switch over to CPQ software.

Here’s how incorporating CPQ technology will have a positive impact on your business:

Simplifies your Sales Process

Most CPQ tools come with guided selling feature that simplifies the product selection process. This feature uses questions to know your preferences and accordingly suggests you products that best meets your requirements. The feature understand your customer needs, thus delivering a tailor-made user experience to simplify your quoting process. The feature guides you through complex product configurations and specialized pricing. So you don’t have to worry about those complex catalog products when preparing quotes. This helps you to create quotes with greater accuracy.

Time to Quote Drastically Reduces

Previously, you were taking days to quote complex and configurable products. However, with this Quoting System Software, it becomes a simple task, no matter how complex configurable challenges you are handling. You are able to configure products easily. Your ability to create quotes quickly gets a major boost. The amount of time spent in delivering professional quotes is in minutes and not days. With this software tool, the time from initial opportunity to a closed sale reduces considerably. As a result, you create more quotes in less time.

Boosts Operational Efficiency

If you want to boost your overall revenue, you need to reduce your operational costs. Integrating your existing ERP and CRM System with CPQ Softwarecan dramatically improve your operational efficiency and cost savings. The integration enhances internal communication; your team operates more effectively and efficiently, which contributes directly towards your company’s goals.