How CRM Software can give a 360 Degree View of Customers

Blog post   •   Jan 13, 2017 09:49 EST

Contrary to the popular belief, a customer relationship management(CRM) tool is not used just to identify the name, gender and address of the customer. Experts opine that CRM can act as a great tool to create 360 degree view of customers. As we all know, a 360 degree customer view gives an in-depth view of customer’s past, present and future interactions, which can help companies boost sales productivity and enhance their relationship with customers. So incorporating a CRM tool into your business can work wonders to improve overall revenue.

Get 360 Degree View of Customers with CRM Software Tool

CRM software for your businessallows you to add, categorize and maintain customer information at one central location. It enables you to view customer’s past and present activity. You can keep a record of current preferences of your customers. After analyzing past and current interactions with customers, you can initiate future actions that can help strengthen your relationship with customers. For instance, with this tool, you can view and understand the past purchases and interactions of your customer. Depending upon his purchasing history, you can give him a personalized experience for maximum benefit.

Knowing the past purchasing history can help you to predict future shopping patterns of your customers. This will enable you to show up-sell and cross-sell options that are likely to get accepted. Moreover it will also help to improve campaign performance as well as retain customers.

Using CRM tool, you can easily keep a track of different customer interactions like phone calls and emails. You can know the products and services your customers are associated with. Moreover, the tool will enable you to identify and track potential opportunities to boost sales. Through CRM reporting, you can get the right metrics and deep insights to make informed decisions

So the best CRM software for small businessand large organizations should give a complete customer view by allowing you to store all the relevant information about the customers. This will help you to get better insights into their needs and drive more targeted engagement.

On the whole, in order to improve productivity and deliver a good customer experience, it is necessary to have a 360 degree customer view, which can be easily obtained if you are using a CRM software.