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How Dentist In Austin Can Help Those With Sensitive Teeth?

Blog post   •   Jan 29, 2018 00:55 EST

First of all, let us understand what are sensitive teeth? When people feel temporary pain even in regular activities like brushing, flossing, chewing or drinking cold items, they are said to have sensitive teeth. They would face difficulty in eating cold things like ice creams or even hot food items i.e. anything that is above or below normal temperature. The best person to help you deal with the situation is a dentist in Austin. Even Westlake dental experts can suggest you not only the medication but the precautions that need to be followed when you have sensitive teeth.

Dentist In Austin Suggests Following Ways To Deal With Sensitive Teeth:

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth!

Desensitizing toothpaste are highly beneficial in giving pain relief in case of sensitive teeth. Topmost dentist in Austin will recommend it as a complimentary treatment to resolve the issue of sensitive teeth. Using it regularly would help you big deal in reducing pain and other issues related to sensitive teeth.

Prescribes fluoride!

Worn out enamel and weak gum roots are the biggest reasons for sensitive teeth. Dentists in Austin would suggest you fluoride treatment to refurbish the tooth enamel. They either apply fluoride on teeth as an in-office treatment or prescribe fluoride at home.

Application of bonding resins!

Teeth also become sensitive due to exposed gum roots. The best treatment for receding gums and exposed tooth is the application of bonding resins on gum roots. You need to visit the dentist in Austin for this and get an in-office treatment, which may demand use of local anesthetic.

Surgery for gums!

Exposed roots are again one of the most prominent reason for teeth sensitivity. To combat it, the dentists in Austin TX perform a surgical gum grafting procedure. They will cut a portion of the gum from other part of the mouth and graft it where the roots are exposed. This is one of the best treatments to reduce sensitivity.

Root canal treatment!

Considered as the most effective technique to deal with the issue of teeth sensitivity, root canal treatment treats the soft pulp under the teeth. It is performed by experienced dentists in Austin in cases when the patient faces extreme pain in the tooth.

Apart from all these treatments, the dentist would also stress on maintaining good oral health on a routine base. The dentist would also suggest ways to maintain oral health for sensitive teeth. You need to be regular with brushing, flossing and keep the gums healthy. Use a soft bristled brush that would be gentle on the enamel and gums. For people with a habit of teeth grinding, the dental experts suggest effective methods to deal with teeth grinding. In addition, the dental care providers advise the patient to stay away from acidic foods and drinks.

These are the ways to deal with sensitive teeth however, you need to consult the best dentist in Austin or ask your family dentist to treat your individual case. Do not try DIY techniques as the damage may get worse and you need to bear higher dental costs.

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