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How does a Sales Quoting Software Works and why to Use it?

Blog post   •   Feb 16, 2017 06:58 EST

As we all know, a sales quoting software provides an electronic way of creating and sending quotes to customers. In facts VARS (value added resellers) who have been this software tool say that they have discovered an easy way to improve sales and increase overall business revenue. This is indeed true as the software tool makes the quoting process ridiculously easy and moreover you create quotes that are attractive and visually appealing, which encourages repeat business from new and existing clients.

The following blog provides general information about how a web quotation software works:

The quoting tool is integrated with an aggregated catalog, which gives an in-depth view of products every distributer connected to the VAR, is selling. The catalog contains product name, pricing and availability, the distributor and manufacturer of the product as well as product description that includes technical specification.

Most of the quoting tools provide this product-related information in real time, so there is no question of pricing errors during quote creation. Moreover, you can choose product from a distributor that gives you the highest profit margin in the transaction.

The IT product quoting softwareis not just useful for quote creation. It can also be used for handling sales order (SO) and purchase order (PO). So after the quote is confirmed by the customer, the tool allows you to convert the quote into SO. SO indicates quote approval from the customer. Also using the tool, you can place your order (PO) electronically with your distributor. With a single click, you convert SO to PO and then send it for further processing.

Why to Use It?

The point and click UI of the tool helps to speed up the quoting process. As a result, you can allocate your time on other activities as well. Your sales team will notice a dramatic improvement in their productivity once they start using the tool. It will give a major boost to their overall sales effectiveness.