How Suppliers can Benefit from PunchOut Catalog?

Blog post   •   Jan 17, 2018 08:40 EST

Decide the Look and Feel of Customer’s Shopping Experience

As a supplier, you have full control over your customer’s shopping experience. You can now get rid of grid layout – the basic structure of showing products – commonly used among CIF catalog users. In fact, you can give an Amazon-like shopping experience to your customers, while they are ordering products. You can provide intuitive tools for finding products. You can offer a user-friendly shopping experience to ensure that your customers easily buy and order products. All this can help in retaining B2B customers and subsequently increase revenue.

Update Catalog whenever You Want

Everyone knows how CIF catalogs are horribly inconvenient when it coming to updating catalog content. It requires a great deal of coordination between the buyer and supplier in order to update a CIF catalog. Even changing pricing of a single product, can consume a great amount of time.

On the other hand, in case of PunchOut catalogupdate, customer intervention is not required. It is done only by the supplier whenever need arises and any changes done in the catalog are immediately visible in real time to the customer. The customer no longer has to wait for days to view any updates. So when the supplier or customer is in need of frequent catalog updates, one can always depend on PunchOut technology.

Sell Related Products

Upselling/cross-selling that has played an important part in increasing sales, can also be made available in any PunchOut solution. It gives you the opportunity to display and sell related products. Via PunchOut, you can make your customers aware about upsell accessories, cross-sell items and other related products. Thus, in a way, PunchOut enables you to better communicate with the customers about your product offerings. So apart from offering specific contract products, you can also show suggested/related items in PunchOut catalog. It enables you to launch your promotional products, which can certainly help to increase order size.