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How to Find a Reputable Bouncy Castle Hire Dartford Agency

Blog post   •   May 10, 2012 02:01 EDT

The demand for bouncy castles in and around the Dartford borough is ever increasing and it is difficult on the part of the user to shortlist the reputable agencies from the throng of agencies operative in the region. If you are making plans for organizing a kid’s party, it is essential for you to choose a reputable bouncy castle hire Dartford agency. This is where many users face a major problem. They can hardly tell apart trustworthy and phony agencies. If you can learn the art of identifying a reputable inflatable play items hire agency in Dartford, you can make sure that your party runs smooth and with no hazards.


Researching is immensely important for finding out the trusty agencies in and around Dartford and Cambridgeshire. You can use internet or local magazines for finding a comprehensive list of the operators who are supplying bouncy castles with repute. On the internet, you will also find various articles on the British Standards and other technical and legal aspects pertaining to bouncy castle hire. Some of bouncy castle hire Cambridgeshire agencies do not abide by the country’s safety rules and regulations and that results in accidents.


Networking is also important for finding the upright agencies. Chances are there that some of your neighbors have opted for these agencies in the past and they were either satisfied or not. You should ask your neighbors to share their experience with you. If you find that some company that you have given a primary though offers poor services, at least as per your neighbor’s experience, it’s safe to opt out that company and look for another one. Only an agency with proven track record should be opted for.

Physical condition

It is most likely that you will come across one after another profusely colorful site where images and videos can be found abundant and you will find really awe-inspiring bouncy castle designs. But do these castles look exactly like what has been displayed on the site? In order to ensure that, you need to visit the bouncy castle hire Cambridgeshire office physically and closely and minutely inspect the physical conditions and the designs of the castles. You should check whether the beds are fully webbed or not. The inbuilt shower covers are mandatory for outdoor parties. You should check whether the artworks are hand painted or just stickers. Check the strength of the anchor points as well.

Reach and serviceability: Does the bouncy castle hire agency serve in your area? Do they offer castles and other inflatable play items in and around your neighborhood? Are they capable of sending a castle and installing it at the eleventh hour, provided it is available and not booked? You need to check all these details for embarking on the right agency in Dartford or Cambridgeshire.

The best place to check these details is the websites of different bouncy castle hire Dartford agencies. You can find ample information including delivery timing, serviceability, certifications and accreditations from their website only.