How To Get Your Music Featured On Spotify Playlists

Blog post   •   Jul 17, 2018 15:15 EDT

Making great music is what you do best. You've put your music on the hottest platforms like Spotify. Now what? How do you get people to listen?

Having the best music doesn't matter if no one knows about it. Playlists help listeners discover their new favorite artists easily by targeting specific audiences.

We have an answer for you: playlists. Getting your music on Spotify playlists can dramatically boost streams and downloads, as well as help you gain fans.

So the real question do you get your music on official Spotify playlists?

Some labels pay big money for playlist placement simple because it is so effective, often thousands of dollars. How do you, an artist with more limited resources, get the same opportunities? Some of it is luck. Many new artists have found success after randomly getting playlist placement. Oh to be so lucky. In order to you to increase your chances of being selected for official playlists, you should focus on several things.

First, create your own playlists! It may not be official or attract a big audience right away, but it's an important first step. Try grouping your songs with other similar artists in your genre that are well-known. Then share, share share!

Second, team up with other artists to create unique playlists, such as playlists for popular local artists near you. Cross-promotion can help both artists gain fans that are more likely to listen.

Third, reach out to music blogs or others who may often curate playlists and have a decent audience. Let them know why your song is perfect for one of their playlists or an upcoming project. Make sure to show how it will benefit THEM and not just YOU.

Finally, be sure to verify your artist profile on Spotify. you can learn how to verify your artist profile on Spotify here.

This goes for playlists on other platforms as well. Don't just focus on Spotify - get your music on playlists across platforms wherever you can. When you do get your music on a playlist, make sure everyone knows about it - share it everywhere!

If you've made good music but it's still not in Spotify, you can learn how to upload music to Spotify here.