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How to List Your Timeshare with Holiday Property Management, Inc.

Blog post   •   Apr 18, 2011 12:35 EDT

How to list your timeshare

Sadly, as a new timeshare owner and even experienced timeshare owner, the likelyhood of you running into a newer timeshare property is high. In Canada, unlike the United States, the process to listing a timeshare is not as easy as stop paying their listing fees.

First, before you consider listing the timeshare, look at your own behavior and agreement as a timeshare owner. Make sure you have done everything fairly and you are not being unreasonable. To make sure of this, ask around including the vacation club members in your resort. If you know your timeshare is at fault and you have given the resort management every opportunity correct him or herself, then you can begin the process of figuring out how to list your timeshare. Stopping the payments on your listing on a website often lead to more problems. After all, the timeshare management company knows your banking information.

Some ways to do that may include, reduce your services within the limits of the holiday property management exchange agreement. Give hints that you would like the timeshare to list. Maybe even resort to making the holiday property management exchange distasteful enough for the timeshare buy out your contract. And if that doesn't work, that you will have no choice, but to resort to listing the timeshare. You must let the holiday property management exchange website take care of the rental system. You must have a valid reason to list your timeshare.

Valid reason includes someone else is moving into your unit, or the timeshare management have done something that violates the holiday property management exchange contract. If you and your timeshare are using the same pool, the holiday property management exchange website does not apply. Only vacation renting status applies and vacation renting status is much more vague. This means you can list your timeshare anyway you want that makes most sense.

You can even resort to locking the room and moving their listing on a website. But whatever you do, make sure the resort management has agreed to it in the holiday property management exchange contract. This agreement will protect you.

Check with your own resort, what the process to listing is. Make sure you have a holiday property management exchange contract that includes listing agreement, which your timeshare resort company has signed and agreed to.