Improve your Lead Conversion Rate with CPQ software

Blog post   •   Jan 23, 2017 08:23 EST

Getting leads is not hard but converting them into customers is. A good conversion rate is the driver of your business and indicates high sales volume. However, most companies tend to suffer from a low conversion rate, despite having quality leads. Investing in the right approach as far as creating quotes is concerned, can be helpful to increase win rate. To be precise, configure-price-quote solutioncan be helpful to turn more of your leads into sales.

Aberdeen’s research shows that lead conversion rates for users of CPQ software are approximately 8.2 times higher than those companies not using this tool.

Here’s how CPQ tool can help gain more clients.

You Present your Quotes Right Away

Even if the prospect shows interest, it is necessary to present the quote at the earliest so as to move your prospects through the sales cycle faster. However, many times the products are complex and requires handling complicated pricing structure, which causes a delay in sending quotes. This delayed response time often causes your prospect to move to your competitors. A CPQ softwarecan help to increase your lead conversion rate as the tool can simplify and accelerate your complex product configurations and price calculations. As a result, you are able to create quotes right away, thereby no longer keeping your prospects wait for a quote.

Prospects get Flexible Product Configuration Options

Many times, the prospects visiting the store are looking for a variety of options to configure products, while others want to do a comparison between different carts. All this seems impossible with manual quoting, hence the prospect never gets converted to a customer. With this sales quotation software, you can provide a number of custom product configurations options, thereby allowing your prospects to design product as per their needs. Also, the tool allows prospects to compare different versions of the same cart and find out the right order price that suits their budget.

Accuracy is Assured

Inaccurate quotes is one of the major factors that can hinder lead conversion. Quotation errors indicate lack of professionalism which can turn customers away. With this software, you are able to configure products correctly, price them accurately and then put them together into a quote effortlessly. So using this tool, you eliminate errors while creating complex quotes. By sending accurate quotes, you impress your prospects and increases your chances of winning more work.

So streamline and speed up your quoting process with configure price quote software and turn more leads into sales.