Increase B2B Sales by Integrating Sales Quoting Software into Your Business

Blog post   •   Feb 14, 2017 07:07 EST

You might be using the best sales marketing strategies but yet you find that there is no substantial increment in B2B sales. Well, in most cases the problem lies in the way you are executing your quoting process. Use of spreadsheets is bound to slow down your sales process, leaving hardly any room for growth. However, by making use of quoting tools, you will not only make your sales reps more productive but will also lead to better sales.

Increasing B2B sales is not just about promoting yourself on social media sites or implementing SEO techniques for higher rankings. It also involves speeding up the quoting process so as to shorten the sales cycle. Here’s how a quotation softwarecan be helpful in this regarded:

Simplifies your B2B Sales Process

With a sales quoting tool, all information required to create a quote is just a few mouse click away. The UI of quoting or proposal softwareallows easy access to product information, needed for preparing quotes or proposals. Features like automated pricing and tax calculation and ability to reuse templates ensure that you create quotes quickly. This actually helps to expedite your quote to sales process. Adding such tools will surely improve the efficiency of your team. As a result, your sales and marketing staff will have more time to design ways to get new customers and increase sales.

Enhances Customer Service

With quoting tools, you are able to respond quickly to quote requests. Customer has to wait only for a few minutes in order to receive quotes. Also, if you are using an online quoting software,your customer can approve the quote online through e-signature option, which is extremely convenient. All this greatly contributes to better customer service and higher customer satisfaction, which ultimately drives revenue growth.

You Win more Work

You generate winning quotes by using a quoting tool since you generate quotes that accurately reflect your inventory. Moreover, you generate quotes that are engaging and appealing to the audience. Sending such quotes to your customer gives a very good impression about your company, which can translate into winning the sale.