Infrared could cast an easy on better computer vision(4)

Blog post   •   Jul 19, 2016 20:32 EDT

InVisage's technology enables higher-resolution video so a telephone can capture sufficient detail inside a much wider field of view.Other areas infrared cameras may help include security alarm,(OSRS Gold Here are some fun games and cheap RS gold.If you like, please pay more attention to.)

devices to watch elderly people to create sure they're safe, and gesture recognition, said Gartner analyst Dean Freeman.

Gesture recognition might be a hot area if virtual reality catches on. When individuals are immersed inside a computer-generated 3D realm, it's tough to make use of a keyboard, but an infrared sensor can track hands and fingers so people can control what's happening.

To do this, in order to guide an automobile or drone, a computer must understand how things operate in three dimensions.3D sensing technology takes heavy-duty processing power, which quickly drains batteries on drones and VR headsets. But Lee thinks his chip's high sensitivity can make 3D possible there. "We're uniquely positioned to complete this using the SparkP2 sensor," he explained.