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International Properties and Resorts - Our Top 5 Hotels

Blog post   •   Apr 01, 2011 18:08 EDT

Spring is here, and the Intnernational Properties and Resorts focus goes from beach resorts for winter travelers to our collection of summer get-away packages. This time around, we found some amazingly unique properties and resorts from our international destinations.

If you've ever wanted to travel somewhere internationally, you have to check out the list of travel destinations and resorts featured here. Each of the resorts chosen are available for the summer 2011 season.

These international properties and resorts are all four star and above.

1) The Treehouse Hotel - Austrailia's famous treehouse is one of the most unique resort properties in the world. Suspended high above the ground in trees canopies is a genuinely beautiful resort. Internationally known, this property is one of the country's most unique resort.

2) Sweden's Ice Hotel - Fashioned after a boutique hotel, the entire hotel is made of ice. From the bed to the walls holding up the hotel - its all made of ice. This unique hotel is built outside, and the property is overlooking some of the most spectacular vistas in all of Sweden. Be sure to check out this opulent resort made completely of ice if you're ever in Sweden.

3) Tokio Hotel - The safari hotel is on the plains of Africa, in the middle of a wildlife preserve. This glorious property is one of Africa's premier hotels, and the only resort on the property of a wilderness preserve.

4) Underground hotel in Tunisia - Built entirely underground, this hotel is one of the most unique resorts in the world. The property on which this hotel is built is one of Tunisia's most historic resorts.

As you can see, the world has many unique places to stay. Why not check out the complete inventory at International Properties and Resorts today, and find a new place to visit.