Is it Necessary to Use a Sales Quoting Software for your VAR Business?

Blog post   •   Feb 17, 2017 10:03 EST

Whether to use a Sales quoting softwareor not depends upon a number of factors, the most important being the size of your business and the amount of business your organization is handling. Quoting tools come in handy, when there is need to infuse speed and accuracy in the sales process.

For instance, if your business requirements involve generating 2 to 3 quotes per month, opting for a quoting tool is absolutely unnecessary. This is because there are hardly any requests for quotes (RFQs), hence in this case a spreadsheet will do.

In case you find that RFQs are increasing, it is time to think of software tools that assist in accelerating quote creation. However, when business requirements are pretty small in size, the tool would actually be a financial burden as the cost of using it may exceed the profits incurred by the organization.

The Web quotation softwareis useful when your business is growing and you have to create large number of quotes, say in a week. Also, when quotation require you to configure products and create bundles, things can get complicated. In such circumstances, you simply cannot afford to lose time by using Spreadsheets for quote generation as you will also have to focus on getting more customers and generating more business.

Typically medium and big enterprises have a large customer base and deal with different types of customers including B2C, B2B, and B2G. In such a situation, making customers wait isn’t acceptable as it can lead to loss of business. An IT product quoting softwarecan help sales reps fulfill their quote requests at the earliest. The tool will allow them to create quotes quickly, in minutes. It can help to streamline their business process, boost productivity and sales effectiveness, in turn giving them a higher return on investment (ROI).