Is There Any Easy Way To Generate All 3 Charge Types In PoE

Blog post   •   Apr 23, 2018 03:57 EDT

Do you want to make a discharge oriented build in Path of Exile? Do you wonder if there is a clever way of generating all 3 charges off a single attack? What should you do? I hope the following tips can help you.

Volls protector for power charge Volls devotion for endurance charge The red trail + the golden rule + %chance to cause bleeding on hit. 

Depends what ascendancy you are going for too, that could make generating different charges much easier from set points if you can generate one or more from your ascendancy alone.

For example if you went unstable infusion on Assassin and kept your crit rate up you'd get power charges, then could run warlords mark for endurance on kill and blood rage for frenzy.

The ascendancy will really change it up as it could negate you needing to find a way to generate a certain type of charge or just make it slightly easier, you can also grab Ralakesh's Impatience for bosses or for the seconds you do stop it'll randomly help out.

You can switch to boots, max out your charges, then switch back to your original boots. You'll keep all the charges for at least a couple of seconds. I've seen streamers do this before going into shaper/elder fights.

If you're simply using rare boots for life+res, you can easily sneak in the "Gain % chance to gain an endurance charge on kill" elder mod on boots. Even the low tier version of the mod gave me perma charge uptime with the amount of mobs that I kill per second, tho you'd lose them quick with discharge but it'd be better than having 0 endurance charges.

You can also get end charges on crit with a rare shaper 1h, but you're likely running a Cospri's or something wonky anyways -- always a nice option tho. Shaped amulets also have a chance to gain any of the 3 charges on kill, I'd def try one of those out if you can get one with life+res.

Lastly, you can also get a chance to get 1 of any charges when you block with a shaped shield, not very reliable but it translates into an extra small damage spike here and there.