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Landmark Foreclosure Case Goes Before Florida Supreme Court; Has Banks Terrified

Blog post   •   May 09, 2012 15:52 EDT

If you haven’t already heard, there is a monumental case that will be heard Thursday morning in the Florida Supreme Court, and every single homeowner should be paying close attention to this case.

Oral arguments will begin at 9 a.m., and you can watch it live here.

It is called Roman Pino vs. Bank of New York. It involves all the customary fraud I have seen in countless cases.

Missing documents, fraudulent assignments, fraudulents notaries, and forged documents, and a bank once again trying to shuffle it’s dirty deeds under the rug like loose dirt.

When Bank of New York first tried to foreclose on Pino, a regular working guy from Greenacres who fell behind on his mortgage when his business dried up,  there was no assignment of mortgage.

So Bank Of New York’s lawyers tried to re-file with a new assignment, one which was fraudulently backdated (AKA robosigned).

The bank’s original lawyers, by the way, were from David J. Stern’s office. You know their story.

When our good friend and colleague Tom Ice, Pino’s lawyer, challenged the documents, Bank of New York suddenly decided they didn’t want to foreclosure anymore, dropped their lawsuit and scurried back into their hole.

End of the story??

Not even close.

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