Leading Trends and Innovation in CPQ Software

Blog post   •   Apr 04, 2018 09:58 EDT

CPQ as a SaaS

Most companies don’t want to invest in heavy IT infrastructure in order to incorporate any software application into their business. Cloud-based Configure price quote software are now emerging as a superior alternative to on-premise applications. Cloud CPQ are not tied to physical constraints such as hard-drive space and memory, hence are easily scalable. This is critical for growing businesses that require scalable applications to handle increased workload of transactions.CPQ as a SaaS product is quick and easy to deploy, accommodates future expansions and moreover can be easily integrated with existing business systems.

Mobile Accessibility

More and more businesses are now preferring mobile transactions for their services. Mobile transactions are convenient and becoming more mainstream to business operations. Keeping this in mind, many CPQ companies are increasingly turning to mobile devices to deliver their products and services. No wonder, CPQ softwaredesigned today is now accessible on any device.

Quite a few CPQ companies are now developing mobile apps to give a responsive experience for their customers. Some of the most complex quotes can be created anywhere, at any time using smartphones. Making mobile apps available for CPQ needs can certainly increase the market place of these companies. One survey has revealed that 83% of companies are using CPQ apps to close complex deals faster and increase sales.

Multi-source CPQ Networks

A company may collaborate with another company and then go to the market for selling products. In such circumstances, the combined partnership may give rise to a multiple sales force located in different locations. A CPQ tool designed for a single in-house team might not work in such a scenario. This has led to the development of multi-source CPQ networks that allow users to create a quote containing products from multiple sources. Moreover, the user can generate multiple orders from that same quote and then send it to different customers.