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Legacy and History of Mack Trucks

Blog post   •   Nov 29, 2011 00:51 EST

Mack Trucks is one of the premier manufacturers of heavy duty trucks in the world. More than 100 years old, Mack Trucks has evolved greatly to become one of the pioneers in the trucking industry. The company, now a part of the Volvo Group, has presence in nearly 45 countries with hundreds of dealerships and service centers.

A century old legacy of trust, innovation and lineament very well justifies what Mack trucks are for most of the truck enthusiasts and truckers themselves. Continuous innovation, focus on quality and efficient use of technology is what describes this wonderful and illustrious journey of Mack Trucks. The company has been right amongst the top manufacturers around the world and strictly adheres to all industry and environmental guidelines. The company’s awareness towards environment is such that they work in tandem with EPA’s programs related to preventing environmental degradation.

The quality of Mack Trucks surely has to be one of the best. Not only have they have been used in all kinds of heavy duty trucking applications, but also used successfully at times during wars. Providing protection to soldiers and transportation in a war-like situation is a tough job that Mack trucks have accomplished in the past. In both the World Wars, Mack Trucks had manufactured and supplied trucks for military operations and still continues doing so.

Mack Trucks has trucks through class 8 to class 13 in most of the categories of heavy-duty trucking. The construction industry has some of the best trucks manufactures by Mack Trucks – Granite, Terra Pro Cab over, Granite Axle Black, etc. Heavy duty trucks with one of the highest hauling capacity have been produced by the company. The Mack Pinnacle is one of the best-sellers and one of the top rated trucks in this category. These are also some of the longest trucks available. Mack Titan is also one model that has sent waves throughout the world because of its performance.

Other categories in Mack heavy-duty trucking series are the highway series in which the Pinnacle is the most popular, the Refuse series in which the Terra Pro Cab Over and the Granite Axle Black are popular the military series in which Granite Armored Line Haul is preferred by the military and the Fire Apparatus series of Mack Trucks. The company has always been supplying top trucks since the beginning of the last century and still continues to deliver products of the same caliber. The quality, durability and the performance of Mack trucks is unquestionable and they shall remain legends in the trucking world.