Madden NFL 20 designer explains why is Rodgers ranked significantly lower than what he was in Madden 19

Blog post   •   Jul 19, 2019 04:07 EDT

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Why is Rodgers ranked significantly lower than what he was in Madden 19? Andre Weingarten who is the Associate Franchise and Gameplay Designer for Madden 20 and he revealed that the way Rodgers played last year led to the drop in his ratings.

"For the most part, yeah. It's tough because Rodgers specifically," Weingarten said. "I mean we do it for as many players as we can. Rodgers has been kind of taking a bit of a downhill slope for the past three years. His accuracy has gotten progressively worse over the past two years and while he might've been playing hurt, we can't really project how much that impacted him because we don't know everyone who was hurt and how much it impacted them on a week to week basis. So we can only base it off of the film we're seeing, and we saw a different Aaron Rodgers the past two years than we had seen in years past. Last year specifically, his short accuracy was all over the place. And when your accuracies are all over the place inherently he has to go down because that's just such a big part of the formulas for us."

"So we did a rating stretch overall this year where we separated out the elite players from the rest of the players to really make them stand out," Weingarten said when rating the quarterbacks in Madden 20. "We basically clipped into tiers. You have your elite players, you have your good, very good guys, you have your league average solid guys and you have your low-level starters, backups, etc. And so we really stretched that out to make those top players stand out more. And as you can tell by Matt Ryan to Big Ben going from 89 an 85, I think we accomplished that best for our quarterbacks because there's only one per position starting. So that was the main approach that we took on the quarterbacks and we knew that they were going to be stretched out. And one thing that we want to drive home, in general, is that each position has a different overall formula."

Rodgers ended the 2018 season with 4,442 yards, 25 touchdowns, two interceptions and a passer rating of 97.2. Those numbers would be strong for any NFL QB and those numbers should be good enough to lead a team to a playoff appearance.

Those weren't good numbers for Rodgers or the Packers as the team finished with a 6-9-1 record and it's the first time since 1991 the team has suffered back-to-back losing seasons.