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May 2015 Survey (Part II): I love Seroquel because

Blog post   •   Dec 29, 2015 04:58 EST

Welcome to the part two of our “I LOVE SEROQUEL ___” surveys. Here we have some more reviews from the customers who had ordered serqouel quetiapine fumrate from

This is our latest survey (May 2015) from those customers who had opted to order quetiapine online from between 1st April 2015 to 10th April 2015.

As you know our surveys are unique & starts with stylish fill in the blank. The customers have to fill the blank ahead of “I love Seroquel _______” and explain the reasons for the same. It is followed by couple of questions & ratings for the drug.

Here’s their review:-

Customer 3

Name: George Mclean

Ordered on: 8th April 2015

Place: Buffalo, NY

Order: Seroquel 200 mg without prescription

Reason: Social Anxiety

I LOVE SEROQUEL BECAUSE ___________________________________

George says: “It made me a confident public speaker

Justification of the reason

I am in love with Seroquel drugs. This is not an exaggeration but the drugs have changed my life completely. Before using Seroquel dosage for anxiety, I was a very nervous soul. I couldn’t face large amount of crowd. Whenever I used to see throngs of people amassed at one place, I used to feel jitters in my body. I was clearly suffering from social anxiety. But after using Seroquel for social anxiety, I just reinvented my life. Today I am a public speaker.

  • Do you had any side effects?

No I hadn’t had side effects while using it. But I found some Seroquel withdrawal side effects like confusion, loss of appetite etc.

  • Are you satisfied with use of Seroquel drugs?

Well, that’s an easy one. YES, I’m extremely satisfied.

  • Rate the drugs out of 10

Seroquel deserves nothing less than a perfect score.

Customer 4

Name: Gary Ochoa

Ordered on: 9th April 2015

Place: Tampa, Florida

Order: Seroquel 25 mg & 100 mg without prescription

Reason: Schizophrenia

I LOVE SEROQUEL BECAUSE ___________________________________

Gary says: “Helped me treating Schizophrenia

Justification of the reason

“I am 60 year old man & I used to suffer from mild schizophrenia. I used to have hallucinations and people started calling me ‘mad old man’. I was not like that before but it was the cause of a prescription drug I used in my late 50s. My daughter Kate helped me to overcome this. She ordered queitapine fumarate for my treatment. I never heard the name of medication & never knew what is queitapine fumarate used for.But when I had those medications, my hallucinations disappeared. I am no more suffering from schizophrenia or such issues. Thank you Kate as well as Seroquel. ”

  • Do you had any side effects?

Yes, I had some side effects like vomiting & confusion. But my doctor said that it is because of my age. But I have seen many old people of even 80 years who do not have any side effects of this medication.

  • Are you satisfied with use of Seroquel drugs?

I am partially satisfied.

  • Rate the drugs out of 10

I would give this drug 6 out 10 because it gave me side effects, though it treated my schizophrenia.