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Mother's Day Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Blog post   •   May 02, 2016 18:11 EDT

Mother's Day is certainly a holiday kept in the highest regards, for moms of every age. The biggest question is "What to get mom for Mother's Day?"

That's a valid question, one that's repeated about this time every year. Why not change things up a bit? Like what?

An unconventional Mother’s Day gift, that every member of the family could participate in, could be a custom scavenger hunt. A Mother's Day Scavenger Hunt!

Scavenger hunts are not only fun and interactive for team building activities and corporate outings, but they can be just as entertaining for family functions. Not to mention, the process of building a family scavenger hunt can be equally as rewarding and adventurous as participating in one.

Sure giving mom a spa, a manicure/pedicure or a purse are all great suggestions, and perhaps much needed, but what if mom would rather enjoy an outing with her entire family on her special day?

Custom Scavenger Hunt

About Mom

Building a custom scavenger hunt can be done in an infinite number of ways. One idea, is to create the clues and questions for the scavenger hunt with the celebratory person in mind, mom. Make her interests and life, past and present, the focus of the entire scavenger hunt. Make sure to include her favorite colors, foods, hobbies, accomplishments, and so on. Really dig deep with this one.

Does involving everyone in the family to build the game make is anti-productive? It could be, but what if every person contributes a single clue or challenge? That way not one person has all the answers. It'd be fun to see who added certain questions and challenges, or who knows mom the best. Even the younger children could get into the action to truly be apart of the family fun. What better way to create interaction and excitement for the entire family, young and old!

Family Heritage Scavenger Hunt

Another way to tackle a Mother's Day Scavenger Hunt is to do research and uncover family history, maybe unbeknownst to mom. Create a family ancestry scavenger hunt with current and past family trivia, on the entire family. Make sure to include clues and challenges on native flags, culture, food and of course the family tree. To mix it up a bit, use literature or simple trivia to add another dimension to the game. Teach the younger generation about your family lineage through a fun and interactive scavenger hunt.

Other Interests

Maybe keep the scavenger hunt simple. It doesn't have to be complex, or even revolved around mom or the family. It could be a different theme entirely. Maybe the family or mom is a huge sports fan, or a fan of certain literature, poetry, movies or music. Pop culture could be your focus for this game.

Perhaps there's a lot of family in town, create a scavenger hunt around your city or town, to indirectly let the out of town guests sight see and explore the area. You could throw in some local trivia to maintain the theme and entertain your out of town relatives.

The scavenger hunt could be creative for the participants rather than for the developer. Have the scavenger hunt include crafts or survival techniques, depending on your interest. An idea would be have a station filled with crafty tools and each participant needs to bring a certain number of photos, maybe those that include mom. One of the challenges could be for every person to build a scrapbook page. Then, upon completion of the game, combine everyone's scrapbook pages into one book and give it to mom as a keepsake.

Maybe your neighborhood is very close and basically family anyway? Throw a neighborhood Mother's Day Scavenger Hunt. This is certainly ideal with those mothers and grandmothers who have since past, or maybe don't live in the area. Have families compete against each other, or households against households.

Capture the Moment

During the scavenger hunt, don't forget to capture the day in photos and videos. The best way to ensure this happens is to work these ideas into the challenges. Allow the kids to capture the moments from their perspective too. Remember, they're apart of the family.


These types of scavenger hunts don't have to be a fight to the finish, intense game, involving long distances. Nope. They can be executed in the privacy of your own home, or backyard, favorite picnic area or neighborhood. Whatever area is available and works for you.


Holding a scavenger hunt is also perfect for those with large families, or those with few members remaining, and is perfect for all ages. Create small teams for larger families, or have one large group working together to complete the scavenger hunt. In the later case, it would be advantageous for a single person to build and set up the scavenger hunt, monitoring the participants as they play. Also, keep in mind it would be best to team up really young children with older cousins or friends, or even an adult.

Scavenger Hunt Wrap Up

Upon conclusion of the Mother's Day Scavenger Hunt, invite ...  Read all the Mother's Day ideas at  

Mother's Day Scavenger Hunt Ideas