NBA 2K20 Guide: 5 Ways To Improve My Career In The NBA 2K20

Blog post   •   Sep 24, 2019 03:57 EDT

Revamp Archetypes to Allow Evolution

NBA 2K20 Guide: 5 Ways To Improve My Career In The NBA 2K20

Most players choose from a few of the most powerful prototypes, and the prototypes are too limited to be fun and feasible online and offline. In other words, the measures aimed at increasing the number of player type options actually reduce the number of options required and hardly balance the online game.

If the developer wants to pay any price for the NBA 2K20, it would be a good starting point. Equally important, most prototypes and hybrid prototypes are the choices of online and offline games. One solution is to allow the prototype to evolve based on the user's performance. The shooter can become a stronger defender, and so on. For now, the current prototype approach is actually hampering the balance it should have achieved.

Stats Screens from MyLEAGUE & MyGM

NBA 2K20 Guide: 5 Ways To Improve My Career In The NBA 2K20

Given the depth of MyCAREER, some of the features that are missing are quite surprising. An example that comes to mind immediately is a list of transactions that do not exist at all. At least, I am quite sure. I have already viewed all the statistics screens in MyCAREER, but I can't seem to find anything.

Although MyCAREER is a model that rotates around your avatar, it's important to be able to understand the rest of the league. It's easy to get the league and team record and the history of the awards, statistics, and rankings for the season, but the deal is not. They do appear in social media feeds, but this is not really convenient or sufficient.

If you want to review all the achievements, you won't be able to do it unless you have a chance to grab some screenshots. For many gamers, this may not be a big deal, but it's shameful to have to choose between watching Hall of Fame animation and getting your career achievement record. For the NBA 2K20, this is easy to solve.

Copy the MyGM method into the story

NBA 2K20 Guide: 5 Ways To Improve My Career In The NBA 2K20

At this point, I think we can assume that the story-driven approach will continue to exist. 2K may change things like the two-player control in Orange Juice and NBA 2K17 or the takeover mechanism in NBA 2K19, but whatever we see, MyCAREER may involve telling a story.

MyCAREER's story really benefits from meaningful choices and story branches, but I like what NBA 2K19 does, and it's not until the end of the story that we start our NBA career, then offers the option to skip the start of the new MyCAREER game.

Provide Alternatives to The Neighborhood

NBA 2K20 Guide: 5 Ways To Improve My Career In The NBA 2K20

My suggestion is to copy the NBA 2K17 interface and method, load it into MyCOURT, and access all the content in the menu, from the purchase of the project to the direct loading into the Pro-Am Arena or the Jordan Entertainment Center.

Going to the playground or playing any neighborhood game still needs to take the elevator and walk to the street. If you like visual effects, you can also go shopping in person, or don't want to go back to MyCOURT for shopping or load Pro-Am. In this way, "neighbors" are still the hub, but if you don't like the playground, you can avoid it.

Offer a Returning Gamer Bonus

NBA 2K20 Guide: 5 Ways To Improve My Career In The NBA 2K20

If they provide rewards for player bonuses, they will show a lot of goodwill. It doesn't need to cut their income, it can even encourage more pre-orders.

Basically, they are given a leading opportunity based on the progress the player has made in previous games. So, for example, my NBA 2K19 MyPLAYER will be available for a one-time upgrade of new players in the NBA 2K20. It shouldn't immediately raise my total score to 92, but even if I reach 75 total scores and unlock some badges, it's a good gesture to recognize the last year's temper and reward brand loyalty.

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