NBA 2K20 guide: Action and Control - Ways to Holding the ball and Control the Ball

Blog post   •   Aug 28, 2019 22:47 EDT

The most popular video game "NBA 2K20" will be released on September 6th this summer. Compared with the previous version, there is a great improvement in gameplay, including the player's control experience, U4GM.com will provide the most professional Raiders in this period already on the NBA 2k20 news, not only these, but we also provide the safest and fastest NBA 2k20 cheap mt coins.

NBA 2K20 guide: Action and Control - Ways to Holding the ball and Control the Ball

In the NBA 2k20, the ball-handler will gain an unprecedented sense of the situation, and the ball-handler can perceive the surrounding conditions such as pick-and-roll separation, combination, cut-in, and front-rear movement. Another major point in the upgrade of the action system is the signature dribble style to accurately show a large number of action styles in the league. In addition, various new concepts have been added, such as various stop actions - emergency stop / sharp turn, turn and so on.

This year's NBA2K20 has added a new fancy dribbling mechanism that connects standing dribbling moves in a more realistic way. Each action is made by the expert rocker, there will be no past action Routine. Players can use the slower crossover dribble to make the defender drowsy or use the fast-paced machine-gun crossover to quickly shoot the ball.

For masters of the ball, changes in rhythm and speed are very important. The new system offers a number of tools, and the player Just uses the left stick to achieve perfect ball control. But if you want the defender to be embarrassed, you need to "add some material."

NBA 2K20 guide: Action and Control - Ways to Holding the ball and Control the Ball

Harden has his signature leg dribbling action, Kyrie Irving has a set of streetball moves, and all the stars have their own moves. This new mechanism gives players the freedom to create their own unique rhythm. After mastering the operation, you will have strong defensive abilities. If you dribble for a long time or make a wrong move at the wrong time, you may get a dribble mistake or be easily intercepted by the defender.

Players will also have new advanced moves, such as backcrossing dribble, emergency stop, new Shammgod action, Luka Doncic's fake back step, and the fake Step back that WillBynum showed in the Big Three, Visit  https://www.u4gm.com/nba-2k20-mt Here's what you want!