New Evidence Showcase That Snowstorm is Coming to Fortnite

Blog post   •   Nov 20, 2018 01:01 EST

There are loads of discussion about a probable Fortnite snowstorm in recent days because there are pieces of evidence showcase the snowstorm is on its way to Fortnite. How will the approaching snowstorm change Fortnite?

First, there was the intriguing A.I.M. skin with frost on the arms and legs. Then, some players noticed that on the list of Rifts in the game appears to have a fantasy castle inside. The castle appears like it's in a snowy environment. Now, there is additional proof for any achievable snowstorm heading for the island in the kind of a white cloud.

An Incoming Cloud Maybe the latest Proof to get a Fortnite Snowstorm

The cloud may be spotted south of Flush Factory. It does not appear like much-it appears compact, white and innocuous. However it is in the far distance, so it may very well be fairly huge once it gets closer. The basic reality that it was under no circumstances there previously implies that it does imply one thing.

Fortnite Snowstorm

Once you look at the sudden appearance of your cloud in conjunction together with the fantasy castle along with the frost on the A.I.M. skin, it is fairly a reasonable assertion to say that it may possibly bring some harsh winter weather.

If it does, we might soon be fighting it out on a map which can be covered in snow. Snow falling from the sky could also hamper visibility, introducing one more variable that could impact gameplay. Snowstorms also often bring high winds, so we could need to contend with that too. It really is also reasonable to believe that bodies of water could freeze more than. We could have some slick, icy surfaces to fight on.

If all this does come to pass, it will likely be fascinating to view how the look on the storm connects with recent events involving the Cube. But then again, there may be no connection. Regardless, maintain up with our Fortnite news updates. Sometimes choose to buy Fortnite Boosting on U4GM is a wise choice when you feel it is really tough for power leveling.