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Offer Quotes Instantly to your Customers using CPQ Software

Blog post   •   Apr 06, 2018 05:51 EDT

In today’s highly competitive environment, making your customers wait for quote is like giving an open invitation to lose deals. The key to win more deals is to offer quotes immediately. Offering quotes instantly is next to impossible with manual quoting as the process often introduces inefficiencies, bugs and errors. This causes a significant delay in quoting the configuration. If you don’t want customers to look to your competitors, it is a time to use a CPQ software that is designedto prepare quotes more rapidly.

As the name suggests, CPQ tool does the job of configuring price quotes in the most efficient manner. Using this software tool is the key to keep your sales cycle moving fast. You no longer have to spend time in the quotation process as the tool allows you to create quotes in the quickest possible time.

The price parameter can vary while creating a quote as sales reps can negotiate pricing up to a certain extent. For instance, your sales rep might want to apply volume pricing or bundle pricing to a specific deal. However, when your sales rep wants to offer discounts, he should have a good idea about all the discount rules. It is observed that discounts are often applied wrongly as the sales reps fail to keep track of current pricing. No wonder, creating quotes with inconsistent pricing is a major issue faced by many sales reps in various industries.

CPQ tools ensure that you prepare quotes with consistent pricing. Managing pricing of product configurations can be a tough task but you can simplify it using a Configure price quote software. So while creating a quote, the software tool takes into considerable the available discount. Hence, the discounts are applied correctly and final quote created is accurate. On the whole, using CPQ tools, you can set your own pricing rules and handle quotes with complex pricing strategies with ease.