One Piece: Legends Of Pireates Start to Close Beta

Blog post   •   Feb 21, 2017 03:20 EST

We are so happy to bring you a good news that One Piece: Legends Of Pireates will launch Close Beta at 1:00 AM CST on 20th Feb, 2017.

One Piece: Legends Of Pireates

Brief Introduction of Featured In-game Functions

1.Straw Hat Pirates Partner

During Novice period, player will obtain Luffy, Zoro and Nami. Player will obtain Sanji during 2nd Day Login and can recruit Robin and Chopper in the Bar. Franky is available in Arena Shop and Brook is available at Impel Down Shop.

2.Gold Sea Battle Crew

Available at Bar, Arena Shop, Impel Down Shop and Guild Shop.

3.World BOSS Reinforements

After reaching requirements, player can attack World BOSS. If victorious, player can obtain World BOSS as reinforcements and automatically appears in battle without setting in formation.

4.Upgrade Quality Straw Hat

Pirates' 9 partners initial quality is Green, through evolving can upgrade quality until reaching Gold quality. At Gold quality, appearance and skill will be changed.

5.Bond & Exclusive

After owning designated partners and exclusive items, certain partner's attribute will increase by certain percentage. When both Bond and Exclusive items are obtained, partner becomes Legendary and attributes will receive more bonuses.

Legends Of Pireates

And if you have any suggestions about our game, just send email to our Email support.lop@gogames.me! if your suggestions are accepted, we will send you amazying gift in the open beta server!

We have a special offer for all players who have ever played One Piece Ultimate War. If you create a new character in our new game with the same account you used in One Piece Ultimate War, this character will enjoy 100% Top-Up Rebate. Your rebate is up to the amount you recharged in Ultimate War. For example, if your total recharge in Ultimate War is 2000 Gold, when you recharge 2000 Gold in Legends of Pirates, you will get extra 2000 Gold. When you recharge 3000 Gold, you will still get 2000 Gold at most.

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