Outrun the Glitch and steer clear of ghosts in Pac-Man 256 endless runner

Blog post   •   Jul 29, 2016 20:46 EDT

Playing the Pac-Man 256 endless runner with an iPad. Screenshot by Anthony Domanico Pac-Man is back on mobile,(welcome to CSGO knife Skin)and this time around he's waka waka waka-ing via a new endless runner game called Pac-Man 256 for iOS and Android. 

Bandai Namco released Pac-Man 256 on Wednesday for iOS and Android, and after working some time using the game, I can say it's a very addictive mobile throwback to old- school gaming. As with similar endless runner games like Temple Run and Despicable Me: Minion Rush, players swipe left, right, up and down to experience, in this example helping Pac-Man eat dots and steer clear of ghosts because he navigates with the maze. 

Related stories 'Pixels' trailer shows Donkey Kong and Pac-Man invading Earth The maze itself is never-ending -- hence the word endless runner -- and also the Glitch, the supervillain that continues to be chasing Pac-Man because the very beginning, is hot in your tail while you move through the maze. If the Glitch catches you, or should you run into any from the ghosts along the way in which, you'll die and want to make use of a credit to start again.