Players deserve free DLC

Blog post   •   Jul 26, 2016 20:42 EDT

"Everything we're doing is concentrating on listening to exactly what the fans are requesting," Sullivan said. "They're definitely not saying to us, 'Can you develop a load of stuff and charge us for this?' They're not stating that, therefore we're not doing that. I know some people whenever we do press such as this, they are saying,

'Yeah, but I'm sure it'll all change inside a week or two, or 6 months.' It's not likely to. The plan is the fact that there are no transactions in farmville. All from the content that people're likely to give you--quite a substantial amount within the future, starting pretty soon--is likely to be free. 

That's what players deserve."There isn't any word yet on which form the brand new Need for Speed content will require, though extra cars appears like a strong possibility.(Do you want earn some extra money!? Sell us your RS Gold(RS 3 Gold,OSRS Gold),We will give you a good price:) You can contact at Live chat: tomtom15464 or 24/7 Live Chat,we will pay you by paypal with in 10 mins!!!More informations at Sell RS Gold To Us)Sullivan acknowledged he can't say with 100 % confidence that Need for Speed won't someday in the future offer paid DLC or microtransactions.