Popular Features in Coupa PunchOut Catalog

Blog post   •   Jan 25, 2018 06:47 EST

Multi-language Support

As a supplier, you don’t want to limit your business to any specific countries and impair growth. If you are serious about expanding your business and planning to enter newer markets, you simply cannot afford to use a PunchOut that supports one or two languages. Coupa PunchOut solutionhas multi-language capability, which will enable you to attract global audience.

Offers a Range of Storefront Templates

As a supplier, you want your ecommerce site to stand out from the competition, which is critical to attract B2B customers. Keeping this in mind, you don’t want to choose PunchOut providers that offer storefronts with cookie cutter designs. Storefront templates that are marked by sameness and lacking in originality are unlikely to have a positive impact on your business. Coupa PunchOutprovides a range of storefront templates to choose from. Moreover, Coupa PunchOut also provides plenty of customization options, which will help your storefront stand out.

Offers Level 2 PunchOut

There are very few PunchOut providers that offer level 2 PunchOut functionality and one of them is Coupa. Level 2 PunchOut catalog is particularly useful when the B2B customers is dealing with multiple suppliers via PunchOut. It enables B2B customer to use procurement system search tool for finding products.

Supports Electronic Transfer of Purchase Order

In order to simplify the purchasing process, it is important that the buyer is able to send purchase order (PO) electronically to the supplier. Coupa PunchOut supports electronic PO, one of the best practices to streamline and speed up the PO process. Buyers can generate electronic PO in a Coupa procurement system, which can help to save business time and money.

Supports Electronic Invoicing

As a supplier, you want to easily send invoices to your buyers. If the invoicing process is complicated, it can delay payments, which can have a negative impact on business revenue. Such issues will never arise with Coupa PunchOut catalog as it enables all suppliers to invoice electronically.