Research and Investment Prospect of Tire Retreading Industry in China, 2014 - Market Analysis,Forecast

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China is a country with scarce rubber resources. Over 80% natural rubber and over 46% synthetic rubber have to depend on importing every year, so the imbalance between supply and demand in Chinas rubber market is very obvious. Tire is the biggest rubber consuming product in China. According to the relevant statistics, at present, the consumption of rubber in tire manufacturing has accounted for 70% of the total consumption of the entire country. The waste tires in China in 2013 have reached 300 million units, equivalent to 10.8 million tons. 

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Generally speaking, in 2013, the retreaded tires in 2013 have reached 17 million units. However, the application of retreaded tires in passenger-cargo heavy duty automobile only accounted for 10% in that year, while the proportion in developed countries is usually over 90%. 

Table Of Content:

1. Overview of Tire Retreading Industry1.1 Definition1.2Technology1.3 Circular Economy

2. Environment of Tire Retreading Industry in China2.1 Economic Environment 2.2 Industrial Policy2.3 Industrial Standard

3. Development of Tire Retreading Industry in China3.1 Current Status of Development3.1.1Development3.1.2Output of Waste Tire and Utilization Condition3.2 Existing Problems3.2.1 Lack of Relevant Policies3.2.2 Backward Tire Retreading Technology and Equipment3.2.3Low Proportion of Retreaded Tire3.2.4 Small Production Scale and Heavy Pollution3.2.5 Low Quality of the Retreaded Tire and Lack of Market Recognition3.2.6 Small Enterprises Struggle Hard for Survival with Seldom Government Support3.2.7Domestic Automobile Inspection Standard Hinders the Development of Tire Retreading Industry3.2.8Low Industrial Profits and Narrow Distribution Channel

4. Market Segmentations of Tire Retreading Industry in China4.1Tire Retreading Industrial Structure4.2Engineering Tire Retreading Market4.3Aircraft Tire Retreading Market4.4 Industry Competition Landscape4.4.1 Industry Concentration Ratio4.4.2 Industry Regional Distribution

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