Retain Customers and Grow your E-business with Sales Quotation Software

Blog post   •   Jan 20, 2017 08:47 EST

As we all know, customer retention is critical to a company’s survival and growth. It is an essential part of growing a sustainable business. A sales quoting software will help you provide better engagement and improved customer service, which can contribute in building long term relationship with your customers.

Here’s how sales quotation softwarecan help improve your customer retention rate and subsequently your business:

You Respond Rapidly to Customer Requests

Minimal response time is the key when it comes to retaining customers. Quick response to request for quotes (RFQs) can be a daunting task if you are creating quotes manually. You are likely to take hours to respond which will make your customers lose interest in the deal. On the other hand, a sales quoting software will enable you to respond quickly, as quotes can be generated in minutes and not hours.

You create Engaging Quotes

An online sales quoting software provides an easy way to create great looking quotes, which gives a whole new level of engagement. You are able to add images, separators and present the quote in a more engaging tabular format. So with a quoting tool, you can present your quotes professionally, which can impress your clients and encourage them for repeat business.

Simplifies Quote Approval Process

In order to confirm or send an approval, many customers have to go through the inconvenient process of printing, signing and faxing the quoting document. Eliminate this time-taking paperwork by using a web quoting systemthat will enable your customers to approve quotes online. Online sales quotingtool simplifies the process, making it convenient for customers to do business with you.

Increases Sales

With a sales quoting tool, you are able to streamline your selling process. Handling RFQs – no matter how complex they are - becomes much easier, which results in faster quote times and higher win rates. It helps bolster customer satisfaction, increases trust in your brand thereby allowing you to close deals more often and faster. You get plenty of time to reach out to more prospects and close more sales. So choosing the best online quoting system will act as a major growth driver for your ecommerce business.