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Blog post   •   Feb 22, 2016 05:07 EST

To players of RS, this year you will be engaged in new game client launched by RuneScape. You will have the chance to experience much better performance, ability to see farther into the distance, new water effects, fully dynamic shadows and lighting. So, have you purchased enough runescape 3 gold for this game?

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If you still ask can I run NXT, the answer is yes. You can play it on very modest hardware along with some of the lowest system requirements of any actively maintained game. Although you can make Gielinor look better than ever, it has some problems. Because certain places in the game world look closer than they should and the second part uses the area tags to add 'impostor' bits of map into the world in place of the bits we have removed. So, wherever you are, you will only see the parts of the world that you should. Besides, when instances resemble something in the open world and they will set up.

Although you could go in any direction, the area is too large to keep in your mind. Loading always is a problem in game and the game has to smoothly load assets without interrupting the game play. Frankly speaking, every player is probably familiar with the 'Loading – please wait' box. But now, it has been replaced by the 'load-down' in NXT.

Lastly, you will meet with NXT Bug in the game, which means that you cannot log into member world: "You are standing in a member-only area. To play on this world to the fullest, please move to a free area first" and world 136 is a free to play world. So, if you are planning to enjoy full aspects to the max in playing all the new contents, buying runescape rs3 gold may be not a bad choice for you. At present, 10% off code "BESTDAY" on the best rs 3 gold site has been presented on our site and you can apply the discount code to the order of cheapest runescape 3 gold.

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