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Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Employee Retention

Blog post   •   May 26, 2016 13:45 EDT

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Employee Retention Thrill of the Hunt

Choosing the right hire is a key component to developing a solid workforce, and keeping that desired hire after training is another.

Work environments and expectations have drastically changed. More and more companies are offering a more liberal work schedule, the office atmosphere is geared toward the creative, energetic and playful, and work ethics and loyalties have shifted with the new workforce generation.

Why should a company care about retention?

There are a number of reasons, including reputation for a stable and loyal workforce, minimizing disruption in the work process, avoiding decreased productivity, and of course reducing overall profit loss.

While many studies state employee turnover can be as costly as six to nine months the average salary, to nearly two times the employee's annual salary, it still is a real cost not only to the bottom line but to employee morale.

How to combat employee turnover?

Employee turnover happens to every employer, at least once. On occasion, an employee leaving the company is actually for the betterment of the business, but many times the opposite holds true. Thrill of the Hunt compiled several ideas to keep your employees engaged and educated.


Building loyalty and pride are two very powerful attributes behind retention. Work obviously comes first, but what if the work day, or a simple lunch hour, is disrupted with a fun and interactive activity such as a scavenger hunt? Yes a scavenger hunt can be completed strictly online, in an office environment, or both. A scavenger hunt can cover a span of a week, a month or even a year, or just a couple of hours. An organized disruption may be the simple solution to recharge your employees.


Scavenger hunts are the perfect vehicle to standard training programs, and the most effective. Instead of offering the typical training class, offer a scavenger hunt style training program. This form of training peeks the employees interest in the company, it makes learning fun, and establishes an environment for creativity, all from the start.


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