Simplify Purchasing Process by Selling via PunchOut

Blog post   •   Jan 10, 2018 08:42 EST

Did you know that large buyers expect their suppliers to sell products via PunchOut? As a supplier, you are likely to drive your B2B prospects away if you are not providing PunchOut catalog. Considering that B2B customers are the primary source of revenue for any VAR business, absence of PunchOut will mean huge loss in business revenue.

As we all know, large buyers do not follow the usual B2C purchasing process as they prefer to use a procurement application for conducting transactions. A PunchOut establishes a direct connection between the supplier’s B2B site and the procurement system. As a result, a single click allows the buyer to access the supplier’s site.

Moreover, the buyer reaches directly to his contract catalog, thereby eliminating the need to browse through the entire site. So the products, prices and description that will appear on the catalog is as per the contract terms. No searching through non-contract items.

The intuitive user interface of PunchOut catalog solutiongives ecommerce like shopping experience for buyers. The purchasing process becomes a lot simpler. Searching the right product as per the contractual terms and conditions is no longer a complicated process. The tedious task of importing supplier catalog into the buyer’s procurement application is completely eliminated.

On the whole, with PunchOut connection, conducting B2B business is a breeze. It gives buyers the opportunity to automate the entire purchasing cycle. Once the buyer logs out the PunchOut session, the cart containing the added products is transferred back to the procurement system. The Cart is then converted into a purchase order (PO) with a single click. The PO is then routed through the approval system as per the set hierarchy to get the confirmation of the document. After receiving the confirmation, PO is sent electronically to the supplier, which helps to speed up the order processing.