Simply your Quoting Process using the Right Software Tool

Blog post   •   Aug 04, 2017 09:28 EDT

When it comes to creating a sales quote, the first thing that you have to do is to go through every distributor’s website that you are connected to, in order to view pricing and availability of products. So if you are buying products from 4 distributors then it becomes necessary to browse through each of their sites and access updated product information. Now this can be extremely tedious and time-consuming, which can eventually slow down the quoting process.

Won’t it better if all the product-related information coming from various distributors is available at one place? When everything you need for quote creation is accessible from one location, it will take only a few minutes to put together a quote. The answer lies in using a sales quoting software which will simplify the way you obtain product catalog data from your connected distributors. These tools come with ‘real time pricing and availability’ feature that give a single view of product data coming from multiple distributors.

An online sales quoting tool allows you to connect to distributors’ online catalog. Product catalogs coming from different distributors are combined to form one single aggregated catalog, which is then integrated with the quoting tool. So if you are connected to, say Nectron International distributorand Supplies Network distributor, online catalog of both these suppliers will be aggregated and then connected to the software tool. The information in the aggregated catalog is in a well-structured format, making it easier to understand and moreover you can even compare products to check their pricing coming from different distributors.

Also the aggregated catalog is updated in real time. So any fluctuations in pricing and availability at the distributor’s end are immediately reflected in the catalog in real time. So when you use this software tool, you can easily retrieve latest product pricing and availability information from your distributors.