Small Business Success Story: K2 |

Blog post   •   Sep 20, 2012 11:27 EDT

In 2009, Kevin Haag climbed a steep set of stairs to an ugly industrial room. From the top of these stairs, Kevin looked down and saw possibilities that only an exercise nut that believes in “the basics”—not fancy machines—could see. Drawing from his professional and personal experience, Kevin had an idea for something unique in the exercise business—a return to functional movement, similar to the way we moved as kids. He created his business plan, hired locally, cut his personal spending and maxed out on his credit cards to finance his business. Three plus years later, after adding some punching bags, ropes, exercise balls and lots of music, the results are impressive. Kevin Haag and K2 definitely have the makings of an uplifting small business success story. His debts are paid off, 80% of his clientele is still with him and he has time for his two young daughters during the day. Oh, and he can point to a number of healthy and strong bodies around town with pride!

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