Sony dominates as PS4 sales top 30 million

Blog post   •   Jul 24, 2016 21:00 EDT

Since the PlayStation 4 gaming console first continued sale in November 2013, Sony has sold a lot more than 30.2 million of these around the planet.(welcome to CSGO knife Skin)Sony's worldwide sales underscore the Japanese electronics giant's lead within the console war. 

The PS4, currently obtainable in 124 countries, is constantly on the battle Microsoft's Xbox One for dominance within the living room.By comparison, Microsoft asserted sales of Xbox One this past year were ten million. Microsoft hasn't released a precise figure since November 2014. Meanwhile, sales of Nintendo's Wii U, that was released annually before the Xbox One and PS4 in November 2012, reached 10.73 million by September 30, based on the company.

Sony's latest 30.2 million update, released Wednesday, marks a big increase in the 20.2 million units it had sold by March 1. Sony said hello is planning to sell an additional 17.5 million units between now and also the end of March 2016.The new figure uses Sony slashed the price from the console in Japan, the US and Europe ahead from the holiday season to spur sales. In October, Sony dropped the price from the PlayStation 4 within the US from $400 to $350.