Take your Business to the Next Level using Quoting Software Solution

Blog post   •   Aug 18, 2017 11:25 EDT

Ask any sales reps about one major hurdle that slows down the sales cycle and pat would be the reply ‘Quoting or Proposal’. With product catalogs getting bigger with each passing day, creating quotes can be a mentally exhaustive job. Putting together all the required elements from different sources to prepare a quote is often time consuming.

For instance, if the same product to be quoted is coming from different distributors, you need to compare pricing and accordingly choose one that ensures transaction is profitable. Now this is a time-taking job that can leave you frustrated. It is time to ditch those Excel Sheets that are responsible for complicating the quoting process.

If you want to make the quoting activity enjoyable, it is imperative to automate the process by incorporating a quoting or Proposal softwareinto your business. With distributor catalogs connected to the software tool, all the product-related information is readily available for quoting. Everything is readily accessible within just a few clicks, thereby making quoting jobs a breeze.

As far as choosing a quoting software is concerned, go for a web-based tool. When you are using a Web quotation software, it really doesn’t matter where you are located or what time of the day you are working. Just an Internet connection and a Tablet or smartphone enables you to handle your quoting task. So no longer working in traditional office work areas as you can create quotes from anywhere using Internet-enabled hand-held devices.

This is one of the biggest benefits of using Online Sales Quoting tool that gives you the golden opportunity to get the quoting work done from any device. Incorporating these online tools into your business eliminates the need to sit in front of desktop computers for quoting purpose. You can sit by the beach and access all the product data required for quoting from your handheld device.