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The American Dream — Alive and Well

Blog post   •   Jun 07, 2012 18:45 EDT

I had the pleasure to speak to a spirited group of homeowners a few days ago in Delray Beach. I was invited to address a group of homeowners associations, but the group of 70 plus could easily have fit in with the people who walk through my doors every day.

They were frustrated, tired of hearing excuses, and they wanted answers on how the housing crisis will ultimately right itself.

Often the opinion that they conveyed to me, either directly or simply by the expression on their faces, was this — ‘What happened to the American Dream? Is it gone forever?”

And the answer is no. You may have to look extra hard for it, but it still remains, and it can be reached by everyone.

I found someone who is living the the American Dream, and it made me smile. And in his story you will see the problem, but at the same time I think you will find the solution.

Why? Because the man, Eddy Kauffmann, lives in Switzerland. He is not an American citizen. At least not yet.

He is a retired banker who has found a way to turn this horrible mess of a housing market and using it to obtain his goal of becoming an United States citizen. At the same time, his success could have a positive impact on entire communities.

I in fact, come from Swiss lineage, as my mother was Swiss lineage. The Swiss are extremely observant and methodical in nature. (See Swiss watches and banks!)

Perhaps that’s why this story caught my attention.

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