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The Future of Travel is Virtually Here

Blog post   •   Nov 16, 2016 06:27 EST

Technology has come a long way since the PC generation – where operating a PC hypothetically required a degree, to the very surreal Virtual Reality experience today, that’s integrating seamlessly into our every-day lives.

Mark Zuckerberg predicted at the Mobile World Congress a few weeks ago, that Virtual Reality will be “the next platform” in social experience. While his announcement was met with a lot of excitement, there was some scepticism. His acquisition of the VR company Oculus, then seems like an investment into the future of technology. With the video release of the sneak peek into what social media will be like soon, selfish in virtual reality!? Clearly, Facebook didn’t buy a VR company, it’s becoming one!!

If history has taught us anything, it is that being an early adopter of new technology is never easy. New technologies and innovations are often met with derision in their early phases but as they mature and demonstrate the value they bring to everyday life and interactions, early skepticism fades away.

How we communicate and engage with the world around has become more visual than ever before.

In mobile this means that consumers increasingly will expect to see and be allowed to preview experiences before making that engagement and purchasing decision.

So what does the virtual future of travel look like?

Marriott led the way in 2014 with its ‘Travel Brilliantly’ campaign when it allowed guests to experience virtual honeymoons. Using VR, guests could transport from London to Maui in Hawaii in 90 seconds.

Among Airlines it was Qantas and Emirates who moved into this space a few years ago before anyone else was even thinking about it. Virtual services on offer by these airlines included everything from a VR tour of the aircraft and first class suites to immersive destination guides and movies.

Thomas Cook made sure the Online Travel Agents were not left out when it came to virtual reality holidays with their roll out of VR concept stores last year

The truth is that VR technology is still so new that everyone (including travel brands) are testing the waters with how they use it.

It no longer seems like a science fiction movie, being able to travel back in time.

LivItlay Tours is proud to be the pioneer of this revolution in the touring sphere, with the enhanced VR experience on our Colosseum and Ancient Rome tour, come see what the historic monuments looked like 2000 years ago.