The Library without a Single Paper Book Was Opened in Florida

Blog post   •   Dec 10, 2014 10:28 EST

A comfortable zone for reading and a base of more than 135,000 e-books, which can be found at a computer terminal, a tablet or reader are offered to he students. One can not deny that this kind of library is a bold and relevant decision.

Thus, a Polytechnic University, located in the dome-shaped building designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava demonstrates ambitions in the field of high technologies. The library staff, deprived of their need to keep order on the book-shelves, are able help the students to navigate the database and find all the necessary information in it. Those students who want to get the information in a hard copy can use the printers that are present in the halls of the library. If the electronic version of the required publication does not exist, a paper one that could be ordered from the other universities of the state.

During the creation of the Polytechnic University library, the organizers consulted with NASA and the University of Central Florida, that also contain such electronic libraries. Apart from providing access to the digital database, they face the necessity to pay the annual payments to the copyright holders while the printed book can be purchased once and stored on the shelves up to 120 years.

The construction of the Polytechnic University cost 60 million dollars. It was built next to the interstate highway I-4, which is also called "the high-tech corridor" because of the large amount of IT-companies and educational institutions located next to it. 

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