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The Wussification of America: How We Let Wall Street Become The New Schoolyard Bully

Blog post   •   Aug 02, 2012 18:30 EDT

As I worked out in the gym today and watched the Olympics, I realized that Americans as a whole no longer participate in the sports that we used to as kids. It used to be the case that regular kids would go to the local Y and do activities like archery and dodge ball.

Today, most high school students don’t even get any physical activity, let alone participate in organized activities that can be perceived as violent or risky. Schools and the Y’s no longer want to risk having the liability for kids to develop a little toughness. Instead, we have become a nation of couch potatoes that wusses out of the sports we used to do in summer camp as kids.

This wussification also explains why we have faced scandal after scandal on Wall Street.

Americans as a whole do nothing more than shrug their shoulders and grumble; even as the scandals only grow larger and larger.

It started with the savings and loan crisis in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, and then came the overhyping of the tech bubble in 1999 and 2000.

Then it got really big, with the largest drop in economic output since the Great Depression, all because of Wall Street greed and government regulators asleep at the switch or coaxed into a drunken stupor by Washington lobbyists.

With the housing crisis, we have seen predatory lending, fraud, forgery, robo-signing, tax evasion, and the wrongful eviction of homeowners from their own homes in such large amounts that even the bankers should be blushing.

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