Top 3 Most Useful Features in a Shopping Cart Software

Blog post   •   Jan 31, 2018 09:05 EST

Ability to Recover Abandoned Carts

Winning back shoppers that have abandoned carts can work wonders to increase sales. This is what exactly some of the best Shopping cart software solutions do. They essentially act like a cart abandonment software, which enable you to easily retarget abandoning customers and recover lost carts.

Shopping cart software tools have been designed to send automated real-time emails to customers who have abandoned carts. When you don’t wait and send follow-up messages immediately, you considerably reduce the risk of losing customers. This ability of shopping cart solution to automatically send emails to customers who have left your store without purchasing can help to increase conversion rate.

Multi-currency Checkout

Any shopping cart software that accepts only one default currency at checkout is a major roadblock in the success of any online business. On the other hand, accepting multiple currencies customers are comfortable with, at checkout, can work wonders to boost sales.

If you want to gain competitive edge and boost business growth, it is important to choose a Shopping cart solution that supports multi-currency checkout and displays real-time exchange rates. It should support all major international currencies, thereby making it easier for customers to do business transactions with your online store.

Instant CheckOut

Too many steps in the checkout process is one of the main reasons behind shopping cart abandonment. Usually, a customer has to go through 5-step checkout process that can get a little frustrating. When your checkout process is lacking in convenience, you are likely to lose a lot of potential customers. The key to resolve this issue is to use an Ecommerce softwarethat supports ‘Instant Checkout service’ typically offered by PayPal. With a single click, any shopping cart can be checked out using PayPal Instant Checkout. So if you want to improve your conversion rate, it is time to use this fast and frictionless checkout process.