Top 5 Places Fortnite Fans Don't Want to See Destroyed by Earthquake

Blog post   •   Feb 19, 2019 03:17 EST

Fortnite Earthquake

Earthquakes are shaking the world of Fortnite; it seems as even though Epic Games is developing as much as Season 8 by obtaining earthquakes rock the world, which appears to be breaking up components with the map currently, began to have underway on February 14 as players spotted massive cracks appear throughout the map.  

Soon after a single hit a modest hill southwest of Tomato Temple, we started pondering in regards to the levels of destruction the earthquake could potentially cause. So, we're hoping Epic Games doesn't destroy any of those five destinations. Also, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can check out Fortnite Items for sale list from U4GM.com. 

Wailing Woods 

Wailing Woods Fortnite

If Fortnite were going to create us take this earthquake occasion seriously, you'd expect to view utter destruction and chaos. You'd count on to see trees crashing against every single other along with a substantial area from the ground splitting in different directions - to capture the moment.  

Sadly, though, that could imply the finish of Wailing Woods - a location which has been a mainstay since the game was very first launched. A few cracks have currently been sighted close to the location at the same time, which might be the beginning of your finish.  

Nevertheless, we hope that this drop location isn't destroyed but rather adapted as we've seen in the previous with other original points of interest - like Loot Lake and Dusty Divot, which was formerly Dusty Depot.  

The developer needs to retain a number of the original pieces of the puzzle in the game and Wailing falls below that category for positive. Its chances of survival do look slimmer with each crack, even though.  

Tilted Towers 

Titled Towers Fortnite

Tilted Towers may very well be seen as instead a polarizing location in Fortnite. While some players enjoyed the carnage of about half from the session landing right here when it was initially added in Patch two.0, other individuals to stay away from the area because it tends to be incredibly populated indeed.  

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It is probably the most lucrative spots to get a player to land at, although, with more than 35 chests scattered about the buildings there in Season 7 and we'd like to see it protected during the earthquake. It's a location like no other when it comes to the size with the buildings, and we'd like to see it stick about for any couple of a lot more seasons no less than.  

Issues are not searching also fantastic for the favorite landing spot, though, as leaks are pointing to its eventual destruction by the finish of this event.  

Fatal Fields 

Fatal Fields Fortnite

We're surely guilty of a bit of nostalgia with this inclusion, however, it would be nice if Epic decided to help keep a number of the original destinations around for any bit longer.  

Using the earthquake speedily splitting parts from the map up, there is a superb opportunity that a few of the older drop points could take the hit - but, we're confident that Fatal Fields will live to see fights for a further day.  

The additions that have been produced to Fatal, especially the extended grass - plus the removal of Anarchy Acres - makes it probably the most special settings in the game at the moment. So, we'd prefer to think that there will not be an enormous split down the middle of it inside a couple of weeks, but you never know.  

Western Town 

Western Town Fortnite

Fortnite hasn't given this place a name but. Nevertheless, those that drop here will know exactly why it's been integrated into this list.  

The 'Western Town,' as some fans have decided to get in touch with it, is household to an astonishing 19 chests in total - that is quite a bit in the event you think about its size. Identified around the southeast side in the island, the spot is tiny but there's loot to become discovered all over the location.  

Walking by way of, all you can hear is noises of chests and people today opening them. Surely, this shouldn't be taken away. Areas like this take people today apart from dropping at crucial locations and allows players to evenly distribute across the map in the start out of games. Hopefully, it is going nowhere any time soon.  

Abandoned Mansion 

Abandoned Mansion Fortnite

Look, the mansion was added to Fortnite back in Season 4, and it is had a quite rough ride ever considering that.  

Whenever you walk previous this location, you'll know what we're talking about. For what was when a gorgeous addition to Battle Royale, the Mansion has since been entirely abandoned, overgrown and left to rot by its owner - whoever that may be. The Ice King? He seems to have disappeared of late.  

Anyway, this is a fantastic location to drop for players. There's a load of loot to become found right here and even though it may well be situated on the outdoors rim of the map's east side - near the big race track - there is an X-4 Stormwing plane hidden in its decrease floor to obtain you back towards the circle. 

Just one tiny shake from this earthquake could take it out, and we do not want that to come about!