Unique Features Available in an Online Quoting System

Blog post   •   Jan 19, 2018 09:10 EST

Multi-Page Option

Many times, a customer may request a quote containing unusually large number of products. Moreover, you want to add new contract terms and conditions that are quite long. In such a scenario, a sales quotation can extend to multiple pages. To accommodate such a large quote, you need to use the multi-page option available in InstaQuote software. The tool allows you to increase the length of your quote to as many pages as you want. So whether you need to create a one-page or a multi-page quotation, it can be easily accomplished using this feature.

Auto-generate Quote Number

This is yet another feature that allows you to keep track of your quotes with ease. You no longer have to manually add a quote number, every time you are creating a new quote. The auto-generated numbering feature eliminates the need for manual intervention and moreover it ensures duplicate numbers are not assigned to quotes.

Impress your Clients

If you are able to impress your clients with your quotes, then you substantially increase your chances of winning the quote. Thanks to Online quoting system, you can create professional, beautiful quotes for your customers. Customize template and branding of quotations to ensure that your customers really get impressed with your quotes. These online quoting tools allow you to add company logo and even customize footer and header, which can help to create an amazing impression with your clients.

Get Paid Faster

Most web-based quoting software tools are connected to a wide variety of online payment gateways such as PayPal,,,, PaySimple etc. Online payment gateways eliminate the delays associated with snail-mail payment by check. These web-based applications allows your customers to make quick payments for the products and services they have ordered. So get paid faster through credit card payments from your customer.