Use Flexible PunchOut Catalog Solutions for Better Business Prospects

Blog post   •   Feb 01, 2017 06:42 EST

Offering flexible PunchOut catalog is important in order to handle varied customer requirements. For instance, there are some VARS (value added resellers) who are unable to provide PunchOut to non-Ariba or non-SAP eProcurement system users. With this kind of inadaptability, VARS are bound to lose their customers. So as a VAR, you should choose a solution provider that offers PunchOut with a range of procurement systems. So whether your customer wants an Oracle iProcurement PunchOut or a PeopleSoft PunchOut Catalog, it shouldn’t be a concern for you.

Also, with different customers demanding PunchOut capability, no two catalogs will remain the same and will offer products and pricing that is unique to each customer account. For instance, you may offer discounted pricing to one customer, while the other is getting products at a much higher margin. Also, the products need to be presented in a way that suits the business needs of the customer. So, the catalog should meet the exact requirements of the contract that have been decided by you and the customer. On the whole, providing a personalized shopping experience to your B2B customers is a critical aspect of adaptable PunchOut technology.

With a considerable increase in the usage of mobile devices, mobile ecommerce can no longer be an afterthought for VARS. Mobile ecommerce can certainly help to increase sales. So in this context, flexible or adaptable PunchOut catalogalso means irrespective of the device your customer is using, the catalog should remain accessible. Whether the customer is owning a Tablet or a smartphone, he should be able to operate the catalog. You can get the most from your procurement based B2B buyer through a mobile friendly PunchOut catalog.

On the whole, in order to survive and thrive in today’s hypercompetitive times, it is not enough to offer PunchOut that connects to one or more procurement systems. Also, the catalog should be available across a range of platforms (desktops, laptop, and smartphones). This will help you to stay relevant and ahead of the competitors.