Use Sales Quoting Software to Prepare Quotes that get Accepted

Blog post   •   Feb 21, 2017 11:32 EST

It goes without saying that knowing the customer needs is extremely important while preparing quotes. However, knowing the exact customer requirements is not the only factor that helps you to create winning quotes. The way you present your quote as well as the amount of time spent in sending the quote can also influence the customer in a positive way. This is where the sales quoting softwarecomes into picture.

Here’s how a quoting tool can help you to create quotes that get accepted:

Quotes that are cluttered with information, meaning that are unprofessionally presented, are unlikely to be read by customers. This usually happens when you are creating quotes manually. However, with a quoting tool, you send quotes that are clear, concise, and at the same time visually appealing but easy to read. This helps in making quotes that are accepted.

Secondly, you need to deliver the quote on time. With a quoting tool, putting together a quote is never a time consuming task. Whether the quote request, demands creating a complex bundle or configuring a product, it is a ridiculously simple job.

With a web quotation software, the average amount of time spent in creating quotes is not more than a few minutes. As a result, customer doesn’t spend hours in waiting for the quote. Just imagine, the customer getting a quote just15 minutes after requesting it. Won’t it have a positive impact on customer’s perception about your organization? Won’t it exert a positive influence on customer loyalty and satisfaction? In simple words, sending the quote early increases its chances of getting accepted.

Experts say that it’s not easy to turn a quote into a sale but this is true only if you quote manually. With IT product quoting software, converting quotes into sales is no difficult. So automate your sales process with these software tools and expect a positive difference in your sales productivity.